20 Hacks to Live Longer: Live Forever or Die Trying

How to live longer?

Longevity. The elixir of life. The philosophers’ stone. The dream of the wrinkled and an impending nightmare for their inheritors. Many have searched for the secret of eternal youth. Few have found it, because, you know, science. But fret not, my age-conscious friends! I shall reveal the ultimate life hacks to add a few microseconds to your lifespan.

Hack #1: Photosynthesize Like a Moss Boss

Who needs nutrition when you can just perform photosynthesis? It’s like being a houseplant, but with responsibilities. Find the sunniest spot in your home, and like a lizard on a radiant rock, sprawl yourself. Stay still and wait for the chlorophyll to manifest in your veins. If you start to feel leafy or sprout roots, don’t panic; you’re just becoming one with nature.

Hack #2: Goodbye, Gravity!

Gravity, the notorious serial ager, has been pulling you down your whole life. Escape its clutches by moving to the moon. You’ll weigh six times less and — voilà — you’re six times younger! Math! Sure, there’s a minor inconvenience of a lack of breathable atmosphere, but you’ll be too busy being youthful to notice.

Hack #3: Build a Spaceship

Time is relative, as some smarty-pants named Einstein said. Build a spaceship, travel close to the speed of light, and let time dilation work its magic. You might return to find that everyone you know is long gone, but hey, at least you’ll be able to lord your youth over the cockroaches who now rule the Earth.

Hack #4: Evolve into a Jellyfish

Ever heard of Turritopsis dohrnii, the immortal jellyfish? These squishy critters can revert to their juvenile form after reproducing. Consider evolving into a jellyfish by consuming only jelly and wearing tentacle suits. Soon, you’ll be pulsating through the oceans like an ageless, gelatinous god.

Hack #5: Collect Antiques — Be an Antique

Being surrounded by antiques makes you relatively younger. Open an antique store and declare yourself the ‘Least Antique Thing’ in it. The antiques will be jealous of your youthful exuberance. Just be sure not to sell yourself by accident.

Hack #6: Bathe in Yogurt

Legend has it that Cleopatra bathed in donkey milk for her skin. Well, who needs milk when you have probiotics? Take a dip in a bathtub full of yogurt. Sure, it’s chunky and cold, but let the good bacteria do their bidding. They might not make you live longer, but you’ll smell like a Greek salad, which is quite the conversation starter.

Hack #7: Become a Hermit Crab

Move to the beach and exchange your house for a seashell. Take lessons from the hermit crab. They have been carapace-swapping for ages and look where it’s got them — run about on the beach for all eternity. This lifestyle isn’t just economical; it’s the ultimate longevity hack.

Hack #8: The Dorian Gray Portrait Method

This one is a classic. Get a portrait done. Make a vague, morally ambiguous deal with the forces of the universe so that the painting ages while you remain forever young. If it worked for a fictitious character, it’s practically guaranteed to work for you!

Hack #9: Breed Lobsters

Lobsters don’t age in the traditional sense — they just keep growing and molting. Start a lobster farm, and spend your days amongst them. Absorb their wisdom and maybe, just maybe, their eternally-youthful crustacean vibes will rub off on you. If you start craving butter and lemon juice, though, it might be time to reevaluate your life choices.

Hack #10: The Ultimate Pill

Find a mad scientist, or become one (how hard can it be?), and work out an immortality pill made of green tea, avocados, and vampire bat DNA. Side effects may include an uncontrollable urge to hang upside down and an intense love for guacamole.

Hack #11: Cryogenically Chill Like a Popsicle

Let’s be honest: the future sounds like a pretty cool place. Why not freeze yourself and thaw out in an era where aging is as obsolete as fax machines? Just make sure you leave a note so future archaeologists don’t mistake you for an ancient burrito.

Hack #12: Haunt Your Way to Eternity

Being a ghost technically counts as living forever, right? Perfect your “Boo!” and start walking through walls. Sure, your social life might take a hit, but think of the money you’ll save on rent!

Hack #13: Think Inside the Pyramid

The ancient Egyptians had it all figured out. Build a pyramid, fill it with snacks, and settle in for eternity. They were basically the original doomsday preppers. The snacks might not last forever, but your mummy-fied self sure will.

Hack #14: Calorie Restriction… to the Extreme!

If eating less is supposed to make you live longer, why not take it to its logical conclusion? Survive on one calorie a day. In no time, you’ll be so light that you can use helium balloons to get around. Talk about reducing your carbon footprint!

Hack #15: Do as Vampires Do!

Vampires have been all the rage since, well, forever. Get ahead of the curve by adopting a vampire lifestyle. Drink tomato juice (we’re staying legal here), avoid garlic, and only come out at night. Not only will you become mysteriously alluring, but you’ll also save a fortune on sunscreen.

Hack #16: Laugh Yourself Ageless

They say laughter is the best medicine. Take it a step further and laugh your way to immortality. Watch every comedy ever made, and laugh maniacally at everything. Even if it doesn’t extend your life, people will be too scared to tell you otherwise.

Hack #17: Adopt All the Cats

Cats have nine lives. Adopt as many cats as you can and convince them to lend you their extra lives. Even if it doesn’t work, you’ll be too distracted by the avalanche of cats to worry about aging.

Hack #18: Infinite Birthday Candles

Find the magic birthday candle that never goes out. As long as it’s lit, you stop aging. This may also involve you perpetually being covered in cake frosting. A small price to pay for immortality.

Hack #19: Taste the Rainbow

Literally. Catch a leprechaun, steal his pot of gold, and bribe the rainbow to grant you immortality. Should the leprechaun become furious, challenge him to a dance-off. Use your finest moonwalk as a secret weapon.

Hack #20: Befriend Father Time

Last, but not least, the direct approach. Track down Father Time. Bring cookies. Become BFFs. Politely ask him to slow down your personal time sandglass. If he says no, challenge him to an arm wrestle — he’s got to be pretty weak with all that age.

Final Words

There you have it, the quintessential guide to turning back the clock and adding at least 13 microseconds to your life. While the pursuit of longevity might seem as futile as a snail racing a cheetah, it’s the journey that counts. May your days be long, your yogurt baths be chunky, and your antiques be envious. And remember, when you finally figure out how to live forever, don’t forget to write the sequel to this article — “101 Ways to Entertain Yourself in Eternity.”