20 Wacky Ways to Tell You’re in Love

How do I know if I'm in love?

So, you think you might be in love? Well, brace yourself because, in the grand tradition of all things complex and confounding, recognizing true love is right up there with solving quantum physics or understanding why cats suddenly decide 3 am is the optimal time for a solo concert. Love, that slippery and elusive fish, can have you second-guessing every emotion. But don’t worry, for the sake of your fragile heart and soul, here’s a foolproof guide to really knowing if you’re in love.

  1. You’ve Suddenly Become a Poet: Can’t stop writing profound verses that would make Shakespeare roll in his grave (probably with laughter)? You’re in love! Bonus points if they’re all written on napkins or sticky notes because true love waits for no man, nor appropriate writing paper.
  2. Their Annoying Habits Are “Endearing”: When you find yourself thinking that their habit of singing off-key or snoring like a freight train is the most endearing thing on the planet, congratulations! You’re head-over-heels. Or, you’ve gone deaf. Either way, life’s about to get interesting.
  3. Your Playlist Is… Questionable: If your recently played music consists of songs like “Endless Love”, “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, and basically anything by Barry White, you’re either in a cheesy 90s movie or, you guessed it, in love.
  4. You’re A Walking Daydream: Remember concentrating? Me neither. If your day consists of 95% daydreams about hypothetical situations with your significant other and 5% actually getting things done, welcome to the club.
  5. You’ve Become a Detective: If you find yourself deeply analyzing every text they send for hidden meanings or trying to decipher the exact tone of their “K”, you’re either overly paranoid or, surprise surprise, in love.
  6. Food Tastes Different: Love has a peculiar taste, much like an unripe avocado or overcooked pasta. If you find that chocolate tastes more like despair and apples like longing, you’re not crazy; you’re just tasting love’s flavorful rollercoaster.
  7. Sleep Is for the Weak: Remember those days when you could sleep for eight hours? Now, you’re up all night wondering if they, too, are thinking of that funny thing you said three days ago. Insomnia isn’t a condition; it’s just another love symptom.
  8. You’ve Developed Selective Blindness: Their hair looks like they’ve survived an electrical shock? They’ve got an outfit that looks suspiciously like it was pulled from a circus tent? To you, it’s high fashion and avant-garde hair artistry. If your vision is conveniently overlooking these details, it’s not an eye problem, it’s a heart situation.
  9. Everything Reminds You of Them: That rock on the road? Reminds you of the time they stumbled on a pebble. The random chicken meme? Takes you back to when they ordered chicken last week. No connection is too absurd when you’re seeing the world through love-tinted glasses.
  10. You’re Reading This Article: If you’ve come this far in an article that claims to definitively tell you if you’re in love, then chances are you’re looking for validation. Hate to break it to you, but if you’re searching for signs, there’s a good probability Cupid’s arrow has found its mark.
  11. You’re a Better Person (Kind of): Suddenly, you care about recycling, you return shopping carts to their designated areas, and you’ve stopped using your laundry as a secondary bedspread. They say love makes you a better person, but who knew it was this literal?
  12. Your Pet is Jealous: Your dog used to be the apple of your eye, but now they’ve been demoted to the banana. If your furry friend is giving you the cold shoulder or side-eye every time you mention your beloved’s name, then it’s clear: your pet senses the shift in your affections.
  13. Random Acts of Bravery: Normally, spiders send you into a state of panic. But for them? You’re ready to face that eight-legged fiend with all the fury of a mildly annoyed cat. If you find yourself facing your fears, no matter how trivial, love’s got you in a fearless chokehold.
  14. Staring Contests with the Phone: You’ve checked your phone approximately 457 times in the past hour, hoping for a message. It’s not a tech addiction; it’s the “hopelessly waiting for their text” phase of love.
  15. You Become a Living Rom-Com: Slipping on banana peels, laughing with salad, surprise rain showers – your life is suddenly a series of serendipitous (and sometimes embarrassing) events straight out of a romantic comedy. All that’s missing is the climactic airport chase scene.
  16. Your Vocabulary Evolves: Words like “snookums”, “babe”, and “honeybunny” have made an unexpected entrance into your daily vocabulary. And the scariest part? You use them unironically.
  17. You Consider Sharing Food: Let’s be real, fries are precious. But if you’re willing to share your last piece of chocolate or that final slice of pizza, then it’s a dead giveaway. This isn’t just love, this is serious.
  18. You’ve Developed Amnesia: Remember those old heartbreaks, flings, and what’s-their-names? Nope, neither do you. It’s as if your memory has conveniently erased any romantic history before this moment. Your brain’s sneaky way of saying, “You’ve upgraded!”
  19. Physical Symptoms: Butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, an inexplicable urge to dance in the rain – if you’re experiencing any or all of these symptoms, you might want to see a doctor. Or, you know, you’re just madly in love. Same difference.
  20. Every Song Makes Sense Now: Even that incomprehensible song with lyrics about space llamas and floating pineapples? Suddenly, it’s a metaphor for your love story. The world is now your personal soundtrack, and each tune magically aligns with your love narrative.

So there you have it, a completely infallible (note: read with a heavy dose of sarcasm) guide to recognizing if you’re in the throes of love. But if all else fails, just remember, love, much like this article, is wonderfully absurd, confounding, and utterly worth every ridiculous moment.