How to Teach Your Child to Share and Be Kind to Others? It’s a Piece of Cake… Not!

How to Teach Your Child to Share and Be Kind to Others

Parenting! That exhilarating journey filled with poop, puke, and priceless life lessons. Let’s face it, if we had a dollar for every time we got it right, we’d probably have…well, maybe enough to buy a decent cup of coffee. But fret not, brave souls! Today, we are diving into the treacherous waters of teaching our little ones to share and be kind. No, you can’t pawn this off on the school or that animated show they’re obsessed with this week. This one’s on you. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Lead by Example…Or At Least Try To

You remember that time you didn’t share your fries with your significant other because “you weren’t hungry”? Yeah, your kid noticed. Little humans are like adorable surveillance cameras, recording every darn thing. Want to teach them to share? Start by splitting that last cookie. Oh, the sacrifices!

2. The Power of Playdates…And Wine

Playdates: Where kids learn social skills and parents pray their child doesn’t bite someone. It’s the perfect setting to observe your child in the wild. Encourage sharing by bringing toys that are meant to be shared, like a board game or puzzle. This will give your child a real-world scenario to practice those pristine sharing skills. And for you? A glass of wine or some soothing chamomile might be in order, just to take the edge off.

3. Storytime with a Twist

Kids love stories, especially ones that involve talking animals and magic. But who said these stories can’t have a message? Introduce tales that emphasize sharing and kindness. Just remember to jazz it up a bit. “And then the bunny shared his carrot with the squirrel, and they lived happily ever after in a palace made of chocolate.” See? Engaging and educational.

4. The Magical World of ‘Taking Turns’

No one said sharing meant giving away your stuff forever. Teach your child the beauty of taking turns. “You play with the truck for five minutes, then let your sister have a go.” This doesn’t just teach sharing, it teaches patience. Two birds, one stone! And if your kid thinks five minutes lasts forever, welcome to every parent’s time warp.

5. Reward Kindness, Not Just Achievements

Sure, it’s great if your kid scores in the top percentile on that test or makes a goal in soccer, but what about the time they shared their lunch with a friend or helped someone up? Let’s throw a party for kindness! Well, maybe not a full-blown party, but certainly some well-deserved praise. And maybe, just maybe, a piece of that cake you’re hiding in the fridge.

6. Charity Begins at Home… And So Do the Toys
Ever heard of the home rule? If your kid has 10 toys (who are we kidding, more like 100), make it a fun game. For every new toy, one goes to charity. It’s like Netflix for toys. “Out with the old, in with the new!” Not only does it teach them about sharing, but also that there’s more joy in giving than receiving. Plus, less clutter for you. Win-win!

7. Put Them in the ‘Hot Seat’
Every once in a while, during dinner, spotlight one family member and shower them with kindness. The twist? The next day, the spotlighted member has to return the favor to someone else. “Remember when we said nice things about you, buddy? Your turn to say something about your sister that doesn’t involve the word ‘annoying’.”

8. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Set them in front of a mirror and ask them to act out scenarios. “Show me what it looks like when Timmy doesn’t share.” It’s a hoot watching them act out, plus it gives them a visual of what they look like. If anything, it’s free entertainment.

9. Master the Art of Subtle Bribery
Alright, we don’t mean actual bribery. But something along the lines of, “If I see you sharing with your brother for a whole week, maybe, just maybe, we could go get that ice cream you love.” Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures, and if it’s for the greater good, a little nudge (or scoop of ice cream) doesn’t hurt.

10. Play ‘Spot the Kindness’
Turn kindness into a game. Every time you’re out, make it a challenge to spot acts of kindness. “Oh look, that lady let someone go ahead of her in line. Point for mommy!” Before you know it, they’ll be racking up points faster than you can keep up.

11. The ‘Not Sharing’ Timer
For those ultra-stubborn moments: “Alright, you don’t want to share? No problem! Here’s a timer for 2 minutes. Enjoy your toy. Once this goes off, it’s someone else’s turn.” Oh, the pressure of the ticking clock. It’s like “Mission Impossible” for toddlers.

12. Bring Out Their Inner Celebrity
“Hey, did you know all the big celebrities are into kindness and sharing these days? Yep, even Spider-Man shares his web sometimes.” Alright, a little white lie, but hey, whatever gets them on the sharing bandwagon.

13. Reality Check Reminders
“You know, if we all decided not to share in this house, you wouldn’t have clothes to wear or food to eat since they’re all bought by sharing our money.” It might sound harsh, but sometimes a little perspective shift is all they need.

There you have it. Who said parenting was hard? Okay, maybe everyone… but with a little sarcasm, humor, and a touch of wit, you’ll be on your way to molding your child into a sharing superstar. Or, at the very least, you’ll have a few good laughs along the way. Remember, the parenting journey is long, unpredictable, and filled with “I can’t even” moments, but at the end of the day, it’s our kiddos who make the ride worth it. Even if they refuse to share their candy.