How to Lose Belly Fat… or Not: A Guide for the Highly Unmotivated

how to lose belly fat

Alright, alright, gather around everyone! I know you’re all wondering how you, too, can get that elusive washboard stomach, the likes of which you’ve only ever seen on Greek statues, action heroes, and heavily-Photoshopped Instagram models. Well, don’t worry; achieving the flat tummy of your dreams is much easier than you think. All you need is a sprinkle of willpower, a dash of self-delusion, and a pinch of, you guessed it, wishful thinking.

Step 1: Acknowledge the Belly

First off, let’s admit something to ourselves. That belly didn’t just appear overnight. No, it’s the lovechild of late-night snacking and the sofa, a monument to every skipped gym session, and an ode to your love for doughnuts. Look at it, acknowledge it, give it a name if you must. Bruce, perhaps? Now, say it with me, “Hello Bruce, you are not welcome here.” Emotional, I know. Take a moment.

Step 2: Buy Workout Gear You’ll Never Use

The first rule of Flat Belly Club is that you have to look the part. Dive into your savings and splurge on the fanciest, most high-tech gym clothes you can find. Make sure they wick sweat from parts of your body you didn’t even know could sweat. Oh, and don’t forget the matching headbands, wristbands, ankle bands, and rubber bands (I don’t know what the rubber bands are for, but if they’re expensive, they must be necessary).

By all means, parade around your house in your new athletic gear as if you’re on a runway. Just be careful not to actually break a sweat — that stuff’s dry-clean only.

Step 3: Get an Expensive Gym Membership

Yes, you need a gym membership. No, not a cheap one, and definitely not the one where Bob from next door goes. You want the fancy gym with the waterfall in the locker room and organic, gluten-free, fair-trade, vegan soap in the showers. Will you go regularly? Of course not. But having that $150-a-month charge on your credit card statement serves as a constant reminder that you “tried” to get in shape.

Step 4: Forget Cardio; Selfies are Essential

It’s a known fact that you can’t truly lose belly fat unless you document your “journey.” So when you do manage to drag yourself to the gym, make sure you take plenty of selfies. Try out all the Instagram filters, find your best angle, and whatever you do, don’t break a sweat; you don’t want to ruin the illusion.

If you can, snap a few shots of the treadmill while you’re at it, preferably at an angle that doesn’t capture the zero on the distance tracker. Add some motivational hashtags like #Grinding, #HustleMode, and #LivingMyBestLife. No one needs to know that the only thing you’re grinding is your teeth as you consider another month of unused gym membership fees.

Step 5: Embrace Fad Diets Like a Long-Lost Friend

Now, remember, exercise alone won’t get you that coveted flat tummy. You also need to subscribe to the latest fad diet that promises to melt belly fat faster than you can say “keto.” Whether it’s the Celery Juice Cleanse, the Baby Food Diet, or the prehistoric Caveman Diet, throw yourself into it with the reckless abandon of a lemming sprinting off a cliff.

Ignore the naysayers and the science; what do doctors and nutritionists know anyway? Besides, Gwyneth Paltrow said it works, and if it’s good enough for the lady who consciously uncoupled from Chris Martin, it’s good enough for you.

Step 6: Consult “Experts” on Social Media

Time to turn to the font of all modern wisdom: social media influencers. These paragons of virtue and chiseled abs will provide you with indispensable advice like “Visualize your success” and “Be your own #MondayMotivation.” Ignore the fact that their own abdominal situation is the result of good genes, lighting, and the kind of Photoshop skills that would make even a CGI artist blush. Go ahead, buy whatever tea, shake, or shaman-blessed meditation crystal they’re peddling. If it’s on the Internet, it must be true.

Step 7: Exercise…Your Options for Excuses

Everyone knows that a balanced regimen of creative excuses is crucial for avoiding any actual physical exercise. “I think I pulled a muscle taking selfies.” “The moon is in retrograde.” “It’s an off-day; I don’t exercise on any day that ends in ‘y’.” The more elaborate the excuse, the less guilty you’ll feel about not seeing the inside of your gym since the tour they gave you when you signed up.

Step 8: Master the Art of Sucking It In

At some point, you’re going to have to leave the house, and the real world is not as forgiving as the filters on your Instagram selfies. This is the time to practice your core workout, also known as “sucking it in.” It’s simple: exhale all the air from your lungs and pull your belly in as if trying to make your navel meet your spine. Hold that pose for as long as possible, or until you pass out — whichever comes first.

Step 9: Engage in Retail Therapy

In the absence of actual progress, the best way to feel like you’re losing belly fat is to buy clothes that hide it effectively. Enter the wonderful world of elastic waists, control-top leggings, and gloriously baggy sweaters. Not only will you look slightly less rotund, but you’ll also be so comfortable that you’ll forget all about your mission to shed those extra pounds.

Step 10: Acceptance and the “Someday” Promise

If all else fails, acceptance is your trusty fallback. Embrace Bruce (your belly, remember?). Slap it, jiggle it, laugh at it, then promise you’ll work on it “someday” while you dig into a pint of your favorite ice cream. In the end, there’s something to be said for unconditional self-love — or at least a convenient, self-delusional version of it.

So there you have it, my friends: the ultimate, foolproof, 100% not-guaranteed way to not lose belly fat. If these steps don’t get you the flat stomach of your dreams, at least they’ll provide you with a bevy of excuses and a rollicking good story to tell. Now go forth, and may your journey toward abdominal mediocrity be as uneventful as it is entirely ineffective.

In our next chapter, we will explore advanced techniques such as “The Art of Couch Pilates” and “How to Burn Calories by Rolling Your Eyes at Exercise Videos.” Stay tuned, and keep not doing what you’re not doing. It’s working wonders.

P.S. If you’re one of those unicorn-believers who genuinely, desperately, with all your heart and muffin top, want to lose that belly fat and still didn’t strike gold with this article, you might consider peeking at “How to REALLY Lose Belly Fat.” But, hey, no pressure. Only dive in if you’re planning to be, you know, actually serious about it this go-around.