How to Make Overnight Oats: Because Mornings are Hard Enough

How to Make Overnight Oats

Ah, you brave soul! Choosing to embark on the treacherous journey of preparing… overnight oats. I mean, let’s be real – there’s not much that screams “I’ve got my life together” like preparing breakfast the night before. It’s basically the culinary equivalent of a mic drop. Well, sort of.


Now, before you get too comfortable on your kitchen throne, make sure you’ve gathered the right troops. We’re diving deep into the dark world of oatmeal concoctions!

  1. Old-fashioned rolled oats (NOT instant oats, we’re not barbarians): 1 cup
  2. Liquid of your choice (I suggest tears of joy but milk or almond milk works too): 2 cups
  3. A hint of sweetener, for the not-so-sweet mornings: 1-2 tbsp honey, maple syrup, or for the brave, agave nectar.
  4. The inner essence of a vanilla bean (or just vanilla extract, I guess): ½ tsp.
  5. Chia seeds (because they’re hip and we like to pretend we’re healthy): 1 tbsp.
  6. Optional: toppings like fresh fruit, nuts, or the shattered dreams of yesterday. Your pick.

The Infamous Steps:

1. Begin by finding a container. This could be a jar, a bowl, or a hollowed-out pineapple if you’re feeling tropical. Just make sure it has a lid because we’re not trying to share our overnight oats with curious critters.

2. Now, pour your non-instant oats (remember, we have standards) into the container. If you spill any, just pretend it’s all part of the process. Cooking is messy, darling.

3. Cry a little. Then collect those tears and realize they’re not enough. So, proceed to pour your chosen liquid over the oats. Stirring is optional, but I find it therapeutic.

4. Add your sweetener. Not too much; we’re making breakfast, not dessert. That’s unless you wake up with a sweet tooth. In that case, go wild!

5. Drizzle in that luxurious vanilla extract. Pretend you’re in a gourmet cooking show while doing it. Dramatics are always encouraged.

6. Toss in those chia seeds. Mix everything well. At this point, the oats should resemble a peculiar potion. Don’t worry, that’s a good sign!

7. Seal your container and put it into your fridge. Like a pirate hides treasure. This is your golden grub for tomorrow, after all.

Remember, as you put your concoction in the fridge, you are one step ahead of the game. While the rest of the world dreams, your oats are in the fridge, dancing, merging, and turning into creamy goodness.

Tomorrow? You’ll be ready to face the day with a breakfast that says, “Look at me! I planned ahead.” Even if, in reality, you’re just happy you didn’t burn the house down. Cheers to small victories!

And now, the sun has risen, your alarm has done its godforsaken job, and it’s time to reap the benefits of your minimal-effort, high-reward nocturnal culinary adventure. But first, let’s jazz it up a bit!

Toppings Galore:

  • Fresh Fruit: Bananas, berries, or kiwis – basically, any fruit that didn’t make it to your fruit salad or smoothie. This is their chance for redemption.
  • Nuts & Seeds: Whether you’re nutty about almonds, walnuts, or pecans, throw ’em in! But no, not peanuts – this isn’t a PB&J sandwich.
  • Nut Butter: Speaking of PB&J, a dollop of almond or peanut butter isn’t a bad idea. But please, for the love of oats, mix it in. We’re not savages.
  • Yogurt or Kefir: Want it creamier? A dollop of yogurt will make your oats feel like they’re lying on a silk bed. So bougie.
  • Chocolate: Now, before you raise an eyebrow – dark chocolate chips or cacao nibs. It’s antioxidant-rich, okay? We’re still being healthy.
  • The Memories of Past Decisions: Sprinkle in a dash of cinnamon, a touch of nutmeg, or a bit of all-spice for flavor… and regrets.

The Grand Finale:

8. Open your fridge, locate your jar, and bask in the feeling of triumph. Look at that creamy concoction, ready to be devoured!

9. Scoop out your desired portion into a bowl. Or eat it directly from the jar – I’m not here to judge.

10. Artfully – or, you know, hastily (we understand mornings) – add your chosen toppings. The more the merrier!

11. Click a pic for Instagram. Apply the ‘Earlybird’ filter. Caption it: “Overnight success 😉 #MorningGoals.”

12. Dive in! Revel in the taste, the texture, and the time you saved.

13. Don’t forget to rinse out your jar. Or leave it in the sink for ‘later’ (aka when it becomes someone else’s problem).

In conclusion, overnight oats are the breakfast equivalent of putting your phone on the charger before bedtime. Low effort, high reward. So, here’s a toast to not being a morning person but acting like one. Who said you couldn’t have it all?

If you’ve managed to make this without forgetting the oats or mistaking salt for sugar, then congratulations! You’re ready for bigger challenges. Like, perhaps, two-day oats. But that, dear reader, is a story for another day.